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Reclaiming your Life:

The Power of New Beginnings

The key to your success lies in the thoughts you can’t hear!

The subconscious mind is the master of our lives, even though we can’t see or hear it most of the time.

The thought patterns laid out in the subconscious were put there years ago, when you were younger, usually through times of massive emotions or pains.

Using many different modalities to reach your subconscious mind, we can rewrite your negative belief systems and improve your mental health, well-being, and personal success.

Conscious Growth Coaching serving the world. 

You feel strong, powerful, and fulfilled at work.



Divorced Woman 

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4.9 star reviews from many clients

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Conscious Growth Coaching integrating Mind, Body & Spirit.

Learn to:

Change the stories you tell yourself

Stop your limiting beliefs

Heal old traumas and change them to success-fuel

Find your purpose and live it

Challenge your own negative thoughts and transform them

Move beyond your guilt, traumas

Learn strategies you can employ on a daily basis

Increase emotional intelligence to live a more joyful life

We work with women all of the world.

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Get a clear sense of yourself, your purpose, and your success

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Coaching Women 55 + Who Have Recently Divorced, Live the Next Chapter of Their Life on Their Terms!


You feel strong, powerful, and fulfilled at work.

Our clients fully trust us.

Our clients say only good words about us

I want to shout from the rooftops with JOY! I was having major test anxiety while taking a state licensing exam last month. I was referred to Shira Raymond by a friend.

Kathy Miceli

  • Wonderful and enlightening experience. Calm atmosphere. Overall, very recommended

  • Marcel S

    She has helped me in so many ways improving my life, from helping me find a path to making sure I keep looking forward and still grow as a person.

    Fernanda B.

  • ATTENTION Successful Career Driven Woman...

    You also feel respected by your colleagues, employees, and peers. In other words, things are really rocking in your business.

    NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

    Life Coaching

    Emotional Freedom Technique

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    Shira Raymond Coaching

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