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  • Identify Emotions Keeping you Stuck in the Past

    Can you isolate what is holding you back from reaching your goals? Every thought that we have will affect your behavior and the stronger the emotions tied to those thoughts the more profound the outcome. When you uncover the beliefs causing you suffering, you have the tools to unlock your freedom. I this course, you’ll learn tools to identify hidden fears, recognize patterns that are no longer serving you so you can begin to release them.

    Identify the Power of Your Spoken and Unspoken Words

    Our words have power whether they are spoken or just thoughts. They influence the way we view ourselves, others, and the world. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of the words that make up our vocabulary and how they impart our vision of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this class you become aware of the words that are limiting your beliefs that keep stuck on a negative rollercoaster. You will learn the tools to consciously choose words that will empower your life and create the life you desire.

    Question Your Beliefs

    What beliefs have you absorbed into your life view based on what parents, teachers, mentors, or friends told you? Have you ever questioned them to see if they are relevant and empowering or keeping you stuck in the past? You will learn to examine you beliefs that are no longer serving you and gain the skills to shift your mindset that serves your highest good.

    Expand Your Perspective

    When you’re stressed out, your mind reverts back to old patterns of thinking and keeping you from seeing a new perspective. Have you ever experienced being a victim of circumstance, that no-one understands you or perhaps utterly alone in the world? In this section you will gain perspective of how to expand your thinking so you can take responsibility for your life in an empowering way as well understand that not everything is about you. You will have the power to integrate messages that serve your highest good and have compassion for those around you.

    Restore Your Peace

    Have you been searching outside of yourself for joy and inner peace to no avail? Everything you need is right inside of you waiting for you to take control of your thoughts and emotions. Shira is the person go to when everything else has failed. She empowers and challenges her clients thinking and emotions to help create quantum change in their lives. In this course you will learn the tools needed to master your mindset, live in joy and create your dream life on your terms!

    What You Get When You Sign Up:

  • Four weeks of group coaching to challenge your beliefs and emotions to create lasting change.

  • Practice assignments to help you deepen your understanding.

  • An insanely affordable tuition of ONLY $97!

  • Our 10x Guarantee: If you don't receive at least 10 times the value of the course, you'll get to keep the materials and we'll refund your tuition, no questions asked!


    Shira Raymond works with clients and around the world, aiding them in gaining clarity about which thoughts and emotions are holding them back, create a clear vision of what they would like their future to be and a game plan to make it a reality. Shira has studied the techniques of masters such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Dr. David Hawkins, as well as receiving a degree in Mind, Body Transformational Psychology from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and has received certification in NLP practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy and energy healing. Shira has developed her own set of advanced tools that help her clients get directly to the heart of the matter. She is also the co-author of 30 Days to Courage, a resource to help you reach your goals one week at a time.

    Shira Raymond Coaching

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